Opua Proposal

Opua Proposal

Below see artists impressions and a White Paper outlining the options available to the Bay of Islands Swordfish Club.

We welcome members constructive feedback – refer comment option below.  We recommend fully reading the White Paper prior.





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  1. Good morning Peg, thank you for responding. These are all collated and presented at the next Executive meeting.

    Happy new year to you!

    Kind regards

    Annette Hardcastle


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  2. Having read the White Paper, I will leave my thoughts without referring to sections of the document as I’m already confused! A large number of the Paihia Club are quite happy with where we are and see no reason to leave. The view is breathtaking and not just of boats, docks and masts. It’s centrally located with no need to drive for the bulk of it’s members. Seldom do ‘boaties’ anchor their boats after a day’s fishing and head for a beer. They’ve been drinking that all day and mostly want a shower, then look to go out for a meal. If they choose, they can still anchor and row in via dinghy to the club, whether during a tournament or not. I’m not keen to sit on a deck surrounded by the fragrance of diesel. It appears that those who are in favor of the project have possibly unspoken agendas. Why else would they ‘offer to bail out’ a failure on our part if they didn’t already have designs on that location? If you think the driving in Paihia is chaotic during the summer season, imagine the small (one way in, one way out) approach offered at Opua. Many of us, while enjoying fishing, don’t own a boat and driving to the club would be our only option. Drink driving laws basically make it impossible to drive even after 2 beverages. And, I think that it’s pie in the sky to think that there might be another entity that would rent the current club house at the same cost of us being in a new clubhouse. With restaurants opening and closing frequently, I’m unclear as to who/what would need/want such a large venue. I for one, along with my husband, have made the decision that should the membership vote to move to Opua, we would not continue our membership. Since our Paihia Club’s income has risen so remarkably under good management, excellent staff and membership support, why “fix something that ain’t broke”? Spending money to improve what needs caring for is a darn sight less risky than this proposal.

  3. I would like to add but as a non member.
    The drawing look great although I am unsure how it may sit to capture the arvo and evening sun.
    Be extremely wary of marina owners and the future financial structure and arrangements.
    Unless berth holders own and run a marina I have yet to hear of a relationship that is not extremely acrimonious.
    The simple addition of a chargeable carpark could be devastating to a club it would be advisable to read the berth holder’s agreement and the duration of berth leases too.
    On the flipside it could becomes destination venue for general public if advertised and marketed well.

  4. Thankyou Pieter and Neville for very valid and balanced comments

  5. Thanks for your very well argued comment. I am in full agreement with your feelings.

  6. Looking at the last financial reports I note that the Paihia club made a profit of $73 k from the bar and bistro(great job up more than 60% on the previous year). I would very much like that the projections, assumptions and figures that have been used by the committee and guarantors to indicate an Opua club could achieve a profit of 100k per annum ( and that just covers the lease cost! Year 1 lease $25k after that $100k per annum). This is something not achieved by Paihia or even close by Russell.
    As a trailer boat owner, and having spoken to others, I would not launch at Opua instead of the current Waitangi. Why? Well it is further to travel by road to launch and then further to also get to the fishing grounds. In addition there is no way we would come directly to club after fishing for a drink or meal. First ditch the fishing clothes, clean the boat and gear. I, like others, think the trailer boat impact has been overstated but let’s see those projections.

    Included in the “white paper” on this site, the Trustees comments 30/08/17 and their subsequent letter 12/09/17 should be published.

    While I see some argue that option 4, club at Opua, as low or no risk for the club, I think that logic is flawed. If option 4 was followed and subsequently failed, then there is a reputation risk for the club at the very least but I would also expect some financial impact on both Russell and Paihia.
    The argument that if we don’t take up option 4 then a rival fishing club will, is NOT a valid reason for preceding and that is designed to generate some sort of fear rather than based around logic.

    Have the guarantors given thought to what they would do with a fitted out building with a 4-7 year lease if option 4, Opua, went ahead but was then dropped after 1-2 years because it wasn’t financially viable.

    I also believe that rather than just (quote from the white paper) “Although membership approval is not required to enter into a lease agreement with FNHL for the Opua premises, as a courtesy members should be notified and solicited for their feedback”.
    To do that then further information needs to be available and all members, both full and social, should be surveyed to ascertain if they would move to using Opua from their current preference.

  7. The only financial risk-free option is to do nothing. This may or may not allow a competitor fishing club to make a beach head at Opua.

    If we do not take up option 1, 2 or 4 and don’t make both existing premises more attractive to the general public or attract more members to these facilities we will most certainly fail long term.

    I feel the benefit for trailer boat members is overstated as we would not be entering the club in our fishing clothes to drink alcohol and then drive away to take our boat home and I am sure that any new alcohol venue at the marina will attract the interest of our local constabulary.

    In the end, looking at ways to attract the current membership at Paihia down the road to Opua may be as simple as supplying a frequently running courtesy bus between the two premises. If this were to happen and option 4 was chosen it might be a goer but the rent at $100,000.00 per annum is a lot of beer and burgers to be sold just to tread water.

    If something was not done to attract the current membership at Paihia to Opua and the current premises were leased or sold the membership leakage would be large so let’s ensure that any decision is based on cold hard data and not go into this half-baked..

    The word trustee has certain connotations. Let us hope that our trustees do the “right thing”.

  8. Option 3
    Paihia has a strong membership base who do not wish to drink and drive.
    We have a boat and berth at Opua there is very little social activity in the evening….
    If another fishing club takes up this ‘wonderful’ opportunity then we may be able to refurnish Paihia with their bankrupt stock.
    due diligence would be to find out how The Cruising club is going….
    This should not be a suicide mission.
    Jan Baker

  9. Option 4 seems a balanced approach. The club will have the opportunity to see all 3 venues operating for 12months with very limited risk. After 12 months be able to make a focused decision on actuals. The BOISC must look to younger members, families and trailer boat traffic, which will be satisfied in Opua. These areas are not adequately covered in present venues. Carpe Diem.

  10. Like the concept but I feel that this is not for our Club.. And the fish in the photo’s is upside down…..

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