50th Yellowtail Book Order Form

50th International Yellowtail Tournament Commemorative Book

This limited edition book (approx. 100 pages) will contain photos from the past 50 years which capture the comradery and atmosphere that make the International Yellowtail Tournament special and unique.   Secure a numbered, signed copy of the commemorative book by filling in the form below by 23 April 2019.

Early bird discount applies to orders made on or before 23 April 2019* –  price TBC, will be under $100
* Please note: After 23 April we cannot guarantee you a book if already sold out. Any re-orders will pay a premium and will definitely be over $100. 

Please note:

Orders received on or before 23 April are guaranteed and will receive a discount (price TBC – will be under $100). Orders received after 23 April cannot be guaranteed (if already sold out) and will pay a premium.

Once we have a confirmed price (based on total ordered) we will contact you for payment or before processing any charges.